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Message Four The Supply of the Body, the Members of the Body, and the Limitation of the Body
Scripture Reading: Phil. 1:19; 1 Cor. 12:15, 21, 27; Rom. 12:5; Eph. 4:7; 2 Cor. 10:13
壹 身体的供应乃是复合的膏油(圣膏油)所预表耶稣基督之灵全备的供应——腓一19~21上,出三十23~25:
  The supply of the Body is the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, typified by the compound ointment, the holy anointing oil—Phil. 1:19-21a; Exo. 30:23-25:
一 复合的灵是在身体里并为着身体,也是为着那建造身体的祭司事奉——26~31节,罗十五16,彼前二5、9。
  The compound Spirit is in and for the Body and for the priestly service that builds up the Body—vv. 26-31; Rom. 15:16; 1 Pet. 2:5, 9.
二 按照诗篇一百三十三篇,弟兄们在一里同居,有无法估计的善与无法计算的美,这好比那复合、贵重的膏油——弗四3。
  According to Psalm 133, the inestimable goodness and incalculable pleasantness of brothers dwelling together in oneness is likened to the compound precious ointment—Eph. 4:3.
三 我们是借着肢体的代祷和交通,接受那灵的供应:
  We receive the supply of the Spirit by the intercession and fellowship of the members:
1 当我们觉得枯干、碰壁时,我们需要弟兄姊妹为我们代祷,使我们能过得去——腓一19,帖前五25,伯四二8~10。
  When we are dry and have no way to go on, we need other brothers and sisters to intercede for us before we can get through—Phil. 1:19; 1 Thes. 5:25; Job 42:8-10.
2 我们需要将自己祷告到神里面,以接受赐生命的灵作我们的供应,好喂养我们自己,并喂养所有在我们照顾之下的人,使身体得建造——路十一1~13。
  We need to pray ourselves into God to receive the life-giving Spirit as our supply to feed ourselves and all those under our care for the building up of the Body—Luke 11:1-13.
3 我们若没有身体的供应,就不能活;因此,我们必须一直应用身体的交通——帖前三8,林前十16下,约壹一3。
  We cannot live without the supply of the Body; therefore, we must constantly avail ourselves of the fellowship of the Body—1 Thes. 3:8; 1 Cor. 10:16b; 1 John 1:3.
4 无论我们的情形怎样,只要我们活在身体里,就能得着身体的供应。
  As long as we live in the Body, we will receive the supply of the Body, no matter what our condition is.
5 人要看见光,就必须进入召会,就是圣所——诗七三16~17,太五14,启一20。
  If a man wants to see light, he has to enter the church, the sanctuary—Psa. 73:16-17; Matt. 5:14; Rev. 1:20.
6 借着肢体间彼此的倚靠,整个身体就得着建造——林前十六18,弗四16。
  The whole Body is built up through the interdependence among the members—1 Cor. 16:18; Eph. 4:16.
贰 在身体里不能有独立或个人主义,因为我们是肢体,而肢体无法离开身体而活——林前十二27,罗十二5,弗五30:
  In the Body there can be no independence or individualism, for we are members, and members cannot live in detachment from the Body—1 Cor. 12:27; Rom. 12:5; Eph. 5:30:
一 每一个信徒都是基督身体的肢体,而每一个肢体都是不可少的——林前十二15、21,罗十二3。
  Every believer is a member of the Body of Christ, and every member is indispensable—1 Cor. 12:15, 21; Rom. 12:3.
二 “你若真看见你在基督身体上的地位,你就会象是第二次得救一样”(倪柝声著,基督的奥秘,一四页)——约一50~51,提前三15。
  “If we truly see our position in the Body, it will be as though we were saved a second time” (W. Nee, The Mystery of Christ, p. 16)—John 1:50-51; 1 Tim. 3:15.
三 那些看见自己是肢体的人,定规宝爱身体,看重其他的肢体——林前十二23~24,腓二29,林前十六18,士九9。
  Those who see that they are members of the Body will surely treasure the Body and honor the other members—1 Cor. 12:23-24; Phil. 2:29; 1 Cor. 16:18; Judg. 9:9.
四 我们一有身体的启示,就有身体的感觉;一有身体的感觉,一切个人的想法和行动就除去了:
  Wherever there is Body-revelation, there is Body-consciousness, and wherever there is Body-consciousness, individualistic thought and action are ruled out:
1 我们若要认识身体,就不但要蒙拯救脱离犯罪与天然的生命,更要蒙拯救脱离个人的生命。
  If we want to know the Body, we need deliverance not only from our sinful life and our natural life but also from our individualistic life.
2 父如何与世界相对,圣灵如何与肉体相对,主如何与魔鬼相对,照样,身体也与个人相对。
  Just as the Father is versus the world, the Spirit is versus the flesh, and the Lord is versus the devil, so also the Body is versus the individual.
3 我们如何不能向头独立,照样也不能向身体独立。
  Just as we cannot be independent from the Head, we cannot be independent from the Body.
4 个人主义在神眼中是可恨的:
  Individualism is hateful in the sight of God:
a 身体的仇敌就是己,那独立的“我”——太十六21~26。
  The enemy of the Body is the self, the independent “I,” the independent “me”—Matt. 16:21-26.
b 我们若要在身体里被建造,己就必须被定罪、否认、拒绝并撇弃。
  If we would be built up in the Body, the self must be condemned, denied, rejected, and renounced.
c 我们不仅该倚靠神,也该倚靠身体,倚靠弟兄姊妹——出十七11~13,徒九25,林后十一33。
  We should be dependent not only on God but also on the Body, on the brothers and sisters—Exo. 17:11-13; Acts 9:25; 2 Cor. 11:33.
5 我不知道的,身体里别的肢体知道;我不能看见的,身体里别的肢体能看见;我不能作的,身体里别的肢体能作。
  What I do not know, another member of the Body will know; what I cannot see, another member of the Body will see; what I cannot do, another member of the Body will do.
6 我们若拒绝同作肢体者的帮助,就是拒绝基督的帮助——林前十二12。
  If we refuse the help of our fellow members, we are refusing the help of Christ— 1 Cor. 12:12.
7 凡是单独的基督徒,迟早都要变得枯干。
  Sooner or later all individualistic Christians will dry up.
叁 作为基督身体的肢体,我们必须受别的肢体限制,不越过我们的度量:
  As members of the Body, we must allow ourselves to be limited by the other members, not going beyond our measure:
一 对于身体长大和发展的基本要求,就是我们要认清自己的度量,不越过这度量——弗四7、16。
  A basic requirement for the growth and development of the Body is that we recognize our measure and not go beyond it—Eph. 4:7, 16.
二 元首把我们安排在身体的特别地位上,也指派我们特别的功用——林前十二18。
  The Head sets us in our special place in the Body and points us to our special function—1 Cor. 12:18.
三 当我们说到自己的工作和经历或对主的享受,我们必须是在度量之内作见证,也就是说,在一定的限度之内作见证。
  When we give a testimony about our work, experience, or enjoyment of the Lord, we must testify within measure, that is, within a certain limit.
四 虽然我们期望工作开展,但我们必须学习如何受神的约束;我们不该期望无限度的开展——林后十13~15:
  Although we expect the work to spread, we must learn how to be under God’s restriction; we should not expect a spread that is without measure—2 Cor. 10:13-15:
1 我们若照着那灵而开展工作,就一直有某种限制——参二12~14。
  If we spread the work according to the Spirit, there will always be a certain limit—cf. 2:12-14.
2 我们里面会感觉到,主扩展祂的工作只是要到某一程度;当我们越过了某种界限去开展主的工作,我们里面就没有平安。
  Inwardly, we shall have the consciousness that the Lord intends to spread the work only to a certain extent; inwardly, we do not have the peace to spread the work beyond a certain point.
3 主会在外面兴起环境来限制工作的开展;环境不容我们越过某种界限——参罗十五24。
  Outwardly, in the environment, the Lord may cause certain matters to restrict the spread of the work; the environment does not allow us to go beyond a particular boundary line—cf. Rom. 15:24.
4 我们该象保罗一样,照着神所量给我们的度量行动、行事,留在神的尺度、神的度量的限制之内——林后十13。
  Like Paul we should move and act according to how much God has measured to us, staying within the limits of God’s ruling, God’s measuring—2 Cor. 10:13.
5 在召会的事奉上,我们需要看见神只量给我们这么多,我们不该过度伸展自己——罗十二3~4、6上。
  In the church service we need to realize that God has measured out only so much to us, and we should not overstretch ourselves—Rom. 12:3-4, 6a.
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